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We bring Value Addition to all businesses and Streamline their process by leveraging numerous Opportunities through deployment of Lean system management with execution Velocity.


Business Process Re-engineering

  • Identification of process for redesign
  • Business Process analysis and Risk Assessment
  • Implementation of redesign using expert's advice
  • Kaizen approach - Ongoing continuous improvement
  • Transformational Change
  • Existing Process
  • Transformation
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  • Kaizen Approach
  • Expert
  • Objective
    Providing 'Value Addition' reduces manpower and improvise the business operations through optimised process automation.
  • Area of Expertise
    Procurement, Payment Processing, Marketing, Documentation, Sales, Finance, MIS, Payroll processing, Regulatory compliance, Travel Desk.

Business Aggregators

  • Consortium and Management of Business process
  • Strategic business relation
  • Access to economies of scale
  • Brand Equity
  • Standardisation
  • Trust Chain
  • Objective
    Streamline the engagement in corporate processes.
  • Area of Expertise
    Electricals & Electronics industry and Rubber Industry.

Resource Management

  • Access to multi disciplinaries (expert's insights) s
  • Cohesive management of business process (the extent to which members of the group stick together and their commitment to each other)
  • Monitoring and compliance
  • Deliver effective and efficient process to the end customer

Various Opportunities that we offer are

  • Asset Management
  • Information system management
  • Data Management
  • Marketing Resource management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Software development
  • Accounting professionals
  • Fleet Management
  • Material Management
  • Helpdesk

Operational Excellence

  • Engaged Worforce
  • Liasoning with the key players
  • Value Stream Mapping (VSM) - a value stream is a series of steps that occur to provide the product or service that their customers want or need. In order to provide the product or service that the customers desire, every company has a set of steps that are required
  • Quality control framework
  • Facilitate Lean Six Sigma (improving efficiency)

Key segments

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Dynamic Reporting System
  • Income and Expense Management
  • Data Maintenance
  • Pricing
  • decisions
  • Market Segment analysis
  • Documentation
  • Query
  • management
  • Campaign management

Benefits attained

  • Data Security and confidentiality
  • Reduction in TAT
  • Availability of the application - Anytime Anywhere
  • User friendly
  • IT Infrastructure


  • VsolV aspire to be better at delivering creative business solutions for local and global businesses in any industry by offering end-to-end value to all stakeholders, uncovering opportunities for, and enabling long-term sustainable growth.
  • Focus on assisting professionals across globe and render their lives with improved clarity, purpose and passion.


  • Web Application Development
  • Mobile Application Developmen
  • Quality Assurance
  • System Integration
  • Customer Software Development
  • Privacy & Security
  • Cross platform support

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